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  • Save time and effort
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  • 100% hassle-free pool
  • Upgrade your existing pool

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  • Deliver new level of services
  • Smart maintenance
  • Upgrade existing pools

A simple and intuitive mobile application iXmanager gives you control of all pool functions. The layout of the application automatically adopts to your pool's specific configuration.

The app gives you a perfect overview of your pool on a single screen of your mobile phone or tablet. The app will also notify you early enough should any part of the technology require attention.

The application setup takes less than a minute.

Central Unit APM Pool

The APM Pool intelligent switchgear is the control centre of the entire system. It replaces the conventional pool switchgear. It includes the power switching part and the control part. It connects to all elements of the pool technology.

The switchgear is very compact and waterproof. Therefore, it can be installed directly in an underground equipment vault. The installation of the switchgear is ultimately simple. The appliances are connected to the designated connection points. Sensors and accessories are equipped with connectors for quick connection to the switchgear's front panel.

You will prepare a complete configuration remotely. The switchgear is permanently connected to the Internet via mobile network (LTE). There are also Ethernet and Wifi options.

iXfield service application provides remote settings, monitoring and diagnostics of the pool. It is primarily targeted to pool contractors but is available to pool users.

iXfield gives you a full overview of all your pools. You can remotely identify and diagnose operational issues and plan your service tasks. You know which pool need an immediate intervention and which one can be services in a month.

The application shows you current real time operational data and their detailed history. Thanks to this you can perform remote diagnostic. The app will notify you of potential error states of the pool.

Upgrade Your Existing Pool

If you are a pool owner already you can upgrade your pool by APM Pool.
You will be able to reuse most of the existing pool technology.

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